Church update


With a new campus opening in January, we felt our church name being FUMC Canyon wouldn't apply to other campuses in other cities. So members came together and we voted to change our name. 

We are now officially First Methodist Church! One connected church in Canyon, Amarillo, and online.


We have also implemented a new logo with our name change. The design is a stylized cross with the left piece in black and the top and right in red. We are continuing with red and black as our primary colors to keep with our tradition of the cross and flame red and black. In the white space between the cross pieces is a subtle "1". Check out the logo below!


Our website is now

As many of you know, our old domain name was Since we are expanding our church beyond Canyon, we wanted our website to reflect that. We are excited we were able to get It was actually owned by a megachurch, Central Church in Las Vegas, whose Pastor is Jud Wilhite. We contacted them about the possibility of buying the domain from them and they graciously gave it to us! What a blessing!