If you have never been baptized, you will prepare for baptism.

If you were baptized as an infant or young child and have not made a profession of faith and been confirmed, then you will prepare to reaffirm your baptism when you take the membership vows.

If you are a member of another part of the church (such as Baptist, Presbyterian or Lutheran), then you can transfer your membership from that church to a local United Methodist Church.

If you are a member of another Christian church that does not transfer membership, you can make a profession of faith and be received as a member.

You can set up a time to talk with Pastor Rick Enns ( about becoming a member of First United Methodist Church in Canyon. Pastor Rick will be able to answer your questions and help you discern what NEXT STEPS to can make concerning membership.

(From FAQs About Baptism, Membership, and Salvation)

Learn more about baptism:

Four Ways to Join

  • Baptized members are people who have been baptized by water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and who wish to be (or in the case of infants and children — are sponsored to be) members of a local congregation of the United Methodist Church using the whole of Baptismal Covenant I or II. 

  • Professing members are those who have professed the faith of this church themselves, using the language and ritual of Baptismal Covenant I. (Note: As of the 2004 Book of Discipline, the vows printed in Baptismal Covenant I, II and IV must be used for professing membership in this church. Baptismal Covenant III should thus no longer be used unless the Disciplinary vows are used in place of those printed. See Book of Discipline 2004, paragraph 217). 

    Both of those categories of membership represent people who are members both of The United Methodist Church and of the particular local congregation. 

  • Affiliate members are professing members of another United Methodist Church who may be temporarily far from their home congregation and wish to connect with the life, ministry, and watch-care of a congregation nearer to where they now are for a time. 

  • Associate members are people who have been baptized by water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in another Christian denomination, wish to connect with a local United Methodist Church, but wish to retain their current denominational affiliation rather than become professing members of The United Methodist Church.

While we have in The United Methodist Hymnal and The United Methodist Book of Worship clear forms of reception for baptized members and professing members, the ritual itself does not designate how we should receive affiliate or associate members.